For you’re a beginner or a seasoned professional,

Walther Air Pistol LP500, with innovative materials and develop new production methods.

You’re holding the best air pistol of all time – made so that you can achieve your Best Performance.



Technical Data

Caliber                 : .177
Barrel                   : Ported
Barrel Length    : 221mm
Trigger                 : Electronic two stage
Trigger Weight : 500g
Capacity              : 150 shots
Cylinder              : Carbon
Length                 : 420mm
Height                  : 140mm
Widht                   : 50mm
Weight                 : 910g
System                 : Compressed air, 200 bar
Sight Radius      : 340-400mm
Max Energy        : 7.5 Joules
Sights                   : Front sight 3.8/4.4/4.7


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