Your personal high tech precision rifle.
The WALTHER development center has created a high-tech precision rifle that‘s ahead of its time: pointing the way forward with its functionality and with its wide range of features. Assemble for yourself an air rifle matching your requirements in full, and start to prepare for your competition. With the LG400 you‘re a winner – as a club member or as an Olympic participant.



Technical Data

Caliber                        : .177
Barrel                          : Carbon barrel jacket
Barrel Length          : 420mm
Trigger                        : Mechanical two stage and dry fire
Trigger Weight       : 50-120g
Capacity                     : 600 shots
Cylinder                     : Steel
Length                        : 1075-1100mm
Height                         : 280mm
Width                          : 50mm
Weight                        : 4100g
System                        : Compressed air, 200/300 bar
Sight Radius            : 650-850mm
Max Energy              : 7.5 Joules
Stock                           : Laminated wood stock
Stock Length           : 290-370mm
Sights                          : Match rear, Centra front sight 18mm



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