ZEV Basepad +5 Extensions

Smooth machining makes the ZEV Technologies ZEV Plus 5 Magazine Basepad work flawlessly every time and looks good at the same time. ZEV Technologies went with a 3-piece design for these Magazine Extensions, making them easy to install and easy to disassemble for cleaning without losing any parts. The ZEV Technologies ZEV Plus 5 Extended Mag Basepad has a flared base and texture to make it easier to get a secure, consistent grip for more accuracy when you shoot. Use the ZEV Technologies ZEV Plus 5 Extended Basepad for Glock OEM Magazine for faster and less frequent reloading at competitions or at the range.

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Specifications :

  • Caliber    : 9mm, .40, .357
  • Material  : Aluminum
  • Finish      :Black Type III Hard Anodize


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